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Case study: cedar rapids community school district

With an increasingly diverse student body, Cedar Rapids Community School District wanted to identify disparities impacting students and educators. This case study explores how Abl assisted Cedar Rapids with an analysis of student, teacher, and room scheduling data that helped inform efforts to reduce class sizes, adjust enrollment policies, and increase access to advanced courses. Understand the work done to increase equity and efficiency. Check out recommendations for your district from the Cedar Rapid's Executive Director of Teaching & Learning.

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“Abl allows me to dig into the number of conflicts and who the kids are. I have more knowledge and information when I’m building the schedule rather than waiting for the end to have some conversations.”

marc heiser

assistant principal, loveland high school

Case study: roosevelt middle school

An in-depth look at how Abl helped Roosevelt Middle School make progress on their school outcomes and strategic goals while improving the master scheduling process. Roosevelt partnered with Abl to grow student access to rigorous learning experiences and increase teacher collaboration time and more.

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“We have been able to efficiently work through scheduling conflicts so students can complete their core classes while also taking advantage of other enriching, future-shaping opportunities. With a better schedule, we’ve been able to increase enrollment in important career and technical education courses by 25 percent this year.”

patrick kelly

master scheduling lead, hampton high school