EquitABL Opportunity Analysis

Surface and visualize district-wide scheduling, demographic, and academic programming data to help you make better decisions about student and teacher equity.

Uncover the story in your Schedules

Reveal how your teachers are distributed across your district. See inside each of your classrooms across the whole district. Understand how your programs are staffed and implemented with information such as teacher load, teacher prep time, and class size inconsistencies by course and grade across schools.

Visualize the student experience like never before

More deeply understand equity in your district with data about student course load, access to advanced courses inside schools and across schools, cohorting of students by subgroups, and more.

Identify Levers for Change

Gain insights that support strategic decision-making to improve outcomes for all students. Set up a plan that puts desired changes into action using Master Scheduling Guidelines gathered from best practices across hundreds of schools.

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