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USER Profile: Director of College and Career Technical Education

Take the opportunity to read about, Justin Birminham, a results-based educator and champion for diversity, inclusion, and equitable access for underserved communities and his experience using ABL to help achieve Evergreen Public School District's goals of expanding access to meaningful postsecondary opportunities.

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Case study: Keller Independent School District

Keller’s ongoing, multi-year partnership with Abl provides a structural and systemic solution to help the district meet its equity goals.  As a result of the district’s ongoing commitment to expanding college and career readiness opportunities through the school scheduling process, the overall enrollment and total number of offerings in Advanced Placement, Career Technical Education, and dual enrollment course progressions have increased. 

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"The Leading Through the Master Schedule process and partnership was transformational for our district in looking at how to approach master scheduling as a tool for expanding access and opportunity to college and career readiness for all students"

Leslee Shepherd

Executive Director of Student Achievement
PDF Image of SDUSD case study

Case study: San Diego Unified School District Hoover HS

Transformational change does not happen overnight, yet, the need to address equity issues is deeply urgent. San Diego Unified School District, including Hoover High School, have an ongoing, multi-year partnership with Abl to provide a structural and systemic solution to help the school meet its equity goals. 

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"Abl knows us better than we know ourselves, but shared it in a way that was informative, enlightening and sparked critical thinking without any shame."

Justin Birmingham

Director of College, Career and Technical Education
PDF Image of the OSPI case study

Case study: washington office of the superintendent of public instruction (OSPI)

Washington state education leaders and policymakers have taken a bold stance on expanding access to academically intense courses for all students. The Educational Opportunity Audit allowed them to identify the opportunities for academic acelleration.

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“You really pushed us to think today and were instrumental in helping us see/interpret the data that we needed to see!  Today was one of the more valuable days I’ve had in the past year.  Appreciate all the support.”

School Leader & Abl Transformative Scheduling Participant

washington Office of Superintendent of public instruction
PDF image of the Federal Way Case Study

Case study: Federal Way Public Schools

Federal way is focused on an advancement of a college-going culture and expanding STEM access to all students. An analysis of transcript and scheduling data helped them identify way to improve college and career readiness for all students in the district.

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“Abl allows me to dig into the number of conflicts and who the kids are. I have more knowledge and information when I’m building the schedule rather than waiting for the end to have some conversations.”

marc heiser

assistant principal, loveland high school
PDF Image of the Roosevelt Case Study

Case study: roosevelt middle school

An in-depth look at how Abl helped Roosevelt Middle School make progress on their school outcomes and strategic goals while improving the master scheduling process. Roosevelt partnered with Abl to grow student access to rigorous learning experiences and increase teacher collaboration time and more.

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“We have been able to efficiently work through scheduling conflicts so students can complete their core classes while also taking advantage of other enriching, future-shaping opportunities. With a better schedule, we’ve been able to increase enrollment in important career and technical education courses by 25 percent this year.”

patrick kelly

master scheduling lead, hampton high school