What does abl do?

Abl believes the time has come to systematically modernize school scheduling and operations to strategically remove barriers to postsecondary success. We work with districts of all sizes across the United States to provide software and services that lead the operational evolution – turning scheduling, resource allocation, and academic programming into a strategic tool for transformation. Through partnership with Abl, districts gain the ability to analyze, visualize, and change the trajectory for postsecondary success with proactive and real-time strategies, providing more equitable academic acceleration and career and college preparation.

District leaders need access to district-wide insights about equity in order to understand if their priorities are being met.

ABL's EquitABL Opportunity Analysis surfaces and visualizes district-wide scheduling, demographic, and academic programming data to help district leaders make strategic decisions about equity & access for students and staff.

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Scheduling is a complicated task that has a huge impact on each student’s experience.

ABL's VisABL Scheduler is smart software that not only digitizes scheduling, but allows leaders to implement district-wide solutions that tackle scheduling challenges and allow teams to build strategic schedules aligned to district priorities.

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Sometimes the challenges extend beyond the schedule; it is as if we need more time in the day, or have teachers be in two places as once.

With ABL's SustainABL Design, district and school leaders with can find ways to maximize opportunities for teaching and learning to leverage fluctuating resources and budgets.

“The ABL team brought institutional knowledge of national best practices in scheduling to our strategic planning efforts, which was a serious value add. Because they know how other districts across the country are scheduling, the realm of possibilities was much broader than if we just considered what was happening in other parts of Iowa. Their expertise expanded our tool box as we considered how to provide the best, and most equitable, education for all students in our district.”

John Rice

Executive Director of teaching and learning

“Partnering with ABL allowed [our] administrators to do away with spreadsheets and stacks of paper — and more easily create academic pathways aligned with our core values of equity and opportunity.”

Cheryl Hibbeln

Executive Director, school innovation and integrated
youth services

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School districts across the nation with middle and high schools in urban and rural areas of all sizes
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