Time is precious.
And powerful.

Abl’s workshops are designed to provide valuable insights and practical strategies for enhancing college and career readiness among students, with a focus on equity and access. These experiences are tailored to meet your team’s needs and empower your organization with actionable tools.

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College Readiness and the Student Journey

Leveraging Key Performance Indicators

Length: 3 Hours
Format: Virtual or In-Person

Explore the critical factors influencing college readiness in this comprehensive session.

Uncover key performance indicators for academic preparedness and their connection to post-secondary success.

Discover the importance of student course-taking patterns for ensuring college readiness among all students, particularly those from traditionally underserved groups.

Learn how to identify essential indicators for monitoring academic preparedness and college and career knowledge.

Leave with a deep understanding of why academic background is more crucial than ever for accessing postsecondary education.

Career Readiness Starts in High School

Best Practices, Measurement, and Recommendations

Length: 3 Hours
Format: Virtual or In-Person

Delve into the realm of career and technical education (CTE) in this session focused on enhancing career readiness.

Explore best practices and metrics for measuring CTE programs’ success in preparing students for post-secondary pathways.

Gain insights into aligning CTE offerings with workforce demands and post-secondary preparation.

Discover strategies to improve overall college and career readiness, with a particular emphasis on traditionally underserved student groups.

Learn how educational leaders can monitor and support students’ academic tenacity and their acquisition of college and career knowledge.

Leave with practical recommendations and actionable strategies to enhance career readiness for all students.

The Power of Strategic Scheduling

Transforming Scheduling Practices Across a District

Length: 3 Hours
Format: Virtual or In-Person

Unlock the power of student-centered scheduling to address equity, optimize teaching and learning, and maximize limited resources.

Explore how a focus on course categories can expand access to rigorous opportunities.

Empower school leaders with real-time analytics to ensure student choice throughout the scheduling process.

Align core scheduling practices district-wide, adopting key strategic shifts in the technical scheduling process.

Learn to leverage iterative student enrollment practices to prioritize key student groups.

Gain insights into data quality and analysis for next-level course request analysis.

Leave with actionable knowledge to transform your scheduling practices and promote equity, access, and student success.

5 Proven Strategies to Increase Equity

and How to Scale District-Wide

Length: 3 Hours
Format: Virtual or In-Person

Discover transformative practices that promote equity and excellence throughout your secondary education system.

Explore five proven strategies to increase equity and achievement campus-wide.

Gain insights into the technical and adaptive system processes and policies necessary to scale these practices across your district or system.

Learn about fostering adult collaboration, alignment, and setting high instructional expectations.

Apply your learnings to interactive scheduling practices, ensuring the practical implementation of equity-focused strategies.

Understand the importance of supporting rather than sorting students and providing structured choice.

Leave equipped to create a more equitable and successful educational environment for all students.