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School leaders play a critical role in ensuring that their students are prepared for success in college and career, as well as in their post-secondary pursuits in today’s rapidly changing world.

However, many schools continue to rely on traditional scheduling practices that use limited data without clear action plans that align with their strategic priorities. This presents a significant challenge for school leaders who must meet these demands with limited resources and outdated data.

To overcome this challenge, school leaders need analysis and tools that allow them to purposefully develop schedules that are connected to their college and career readiness priorities. They require a solution that can navigate multiple inputs at once and turn scheduling, resource allocation, and academic programming into a strategic tool for transformation.

Abl offers software that can navigate multiple inputs at once and turn scheduling, resource allocation, and academic programming into a strategic tool for transformation. 

Schools that partner with Abl have:

  • Achieved a higher percentage of college and career-ready students
  • Reduced disparities in access to rigorous courses for all student groups
  • Provided teachers with more planning and collaboration time to improve teaching and learning
  • Strategically scheduled to optimize time for student support and programming that meets the needs of modern students
  • Developed more complete schedules earlier in the process

Partner with Abl today and experience firsthand the benefits of our innovative solutions.

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Whether you want to foster collaboration across schools, level teacher workload, or match course offerings with what students need, aspire to learn, and deserve, Abl makes it easier to pursue your goals. 

Evidence based platform and services

Abl’s National Standard for measuring College Readiness is underpinned by the University of Chicago Consortium of School Research, while we leverage published research by R&L Education and design thinking as the foundation for our strategic services.

Student first scheduling for completion and access

Audit course requests to ensure target student groups gain access to the right subjects or courses that maximize completion. 

College and career readiness analytics and coaching

Ensure your student pathways are effective in creating postsecondary ready students and closing achievement gaps by creating and placing sections that minimize conflicts for target courses or student groups that are central to your priorities.

Unified strategy, action plan, and tactics

Iteratively load students in your schedules while balancing resources, enrollments, teacher workloads and student access.

Words from our clients

With the launch of our strategic plan, we were seeing gains in graduation rates and overall college readiness in our high schools. However, we knew we still had work to do to reach our goals. Abl’s analysis helped us see that many scholars were not having the rigorous, robust schedules and academic experiences they needed to open every possible door after high school. Not only that, but our scheduling practices were also resulting in a financial hit to our district.
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Tammy Campbell
The Leading Through the Master Schedule process and partnership was transformational for our district in looking at how to approach master scheduling as a tool for expanding access and opportunity to college and career readiness for all students.
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Leslee shepherd
Executive Director, Student Achievement
Partnering with ABL allowed [our] administrators to do away with spreadsheets and stacks of paper — and more easily create academic pathways aligned with our core values of equity and opportunity.
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cheryl hibbeln
Executive Director, School Innovation and Integrated Youth Services
The ABL team brought institutional knowledge of national best practices in scheduling to our strategic planning efforts, which was a serious value add. Because they know how other districts across the country are scheduling, the realm of possibilities was much broader than if we just considered what was happening in other parts of Iowa. Their expertise expanded our tool box as we considered how to provide the best, and most equitable, education for all students in our district.
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Executive Director, Teaching and Learning
We have been able to efficiently work through scheduling conflicts so students can complete their core classes while also taking advantage of other enriching, future-shaping opportunities. With a better schedule, we’ve been able to increase enrollment in important career and technical education courses by 25 percent this year.
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Patrick Kelly
Lead Scheduler
Abl allows me to dig into the number of conflicts and who the kids are. I have more knowledge and information when I’m building the schedule rather than waiting for the end to have some conversations.
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marc heiser
Assistant Principal
Abl knows us better than we know ourselves, but shared it in a way that was informative, enlightening and sparked critical thinking without any shame.
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justin birmingham
Director of College, Career, and Technical Education
It’s time to embrace not only the potential but the essential role of operations in furthering the pursuit of educational equity. When overlooked or underestimated, school-level processes can inhibit access to rigorous, high-quality teaching and learning. But when harnessed correctly with equity at the core, school operations have the power to improve every student’s experience—and to catalyze all other efforts to enhance pedagogy, rigor, and engagement.
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Diane Conti
Assistant Principal