Case Study

How an Analysis of Campus Schedules Helped a Texas School District Find Millions in Savings and Improve Student Outcomes

Round Rock Independent School District


Dr. Hafedh Azaiez took the reins of the Round Rock Independent School District at a time of seismic shift in public education. The sprawling school district located in the northern suburbs of Austin, Texas, has long enjoyed a stellar reputation as a destination district. But when Azaiez was hired as Superintendent in 2021, Round Rock ISD, like districts across the nation, was still reeling from the effects of the pandemic – virtual instruction, declining enrollment, teacher burnout, and, the perineal challenge for public schools, insufficient funding.


To tackle these critical issues, Round Rock ISD partnered with Abl to dive deep into campus schedules and uncover exactly how school resources were being utilized. Abl’s Resource Analytics solution analyzes time, courses, enrollment, attendance and staff data to paint an accurate picture of current conditions, reveal deficits and inefficiencies, and compare student outcomes.


The analysis revealed inequities in instructional time, inefficiencies in staff allocation, and identified a potential $4 million in savings without staff reductions or adversely impacting the student experience. In fact, the results provided a roadmap of how to improve student performance and save money.

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Round Rock Independent School District

56 Schools
110 Square Miles

47,000 Students
96.2% Graduation Rate

3,500 Teachers
435 School Administrators
1,365 Support Staff Members
$53,000 Starting Teacher Salary

The biggest take away was how we’ve structured high school schedules. We could save approximately $4 million without having a negative impact on the campus. This analysis really showed that we are over staffing and not getting the most from our resources.

Dennis Covington | Chief Financial Officer