Case Study

Academic Acceleration for High School Students

Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction


Washington State education leaders and policymakers have taken a bold stance on the need for expanded access to academically intense courses for all students. State and district-level leaders know that academic acceleration is a key driver of statewide college readiness and career preparation.

Yet state leaders and school district superintendents recognize a challenge: Access to high academic intensity courses cross the state is uneven and often has low participation, or enrollment disparities do not reflect students’ diversity.


Abl partnered with OSPI to help Washington school districts meet their goal of postsecondary success through academic acceleration. In collaboration with 14 school districts throughout the state, Abl led a multidimensional, three-part professional development series for school-site and district leaders. The series allowed participants to assess their challenges and opportunities, build an understanding of the tangible ways schools can dismantle barriers and increase academic acceleration, and define and implement action plans at the school level.


Using Abl’s data analysis, Washington state educators developed school action plans for Equity, including a focus determined to have the most significant potential for expanding access for students. As districts entered the following scheduling season, they were intentional about incorporating their goals into their scheduling plan and used Abl’s scheduling software to meet and exceed their academic acceleration goals for all students.

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