Case Study

Massachusetts High School Expands Opportunities, Provides Greater Equity, and Fuels Student Success

Taunton Public Schools


Taunton High School, which includes the district’s eighth grade students, has utilized block scheduling since 1996. But four years ago, faced with the reality of declining accountability ratings and accreditation challenges, school leaders began to evaluate whether the schedule was helping or hurting student performance. They needed data and stakeholder engagement to make the case for change.


During the initial year of partnership, the district leveraged Abl’s tools to simulate scheduling scenarios and evaluate tradeoffs, enabling stakeholders to visualize the potential outcomes and understand the impact of different options. This process was instrumental in gaining support for the desired changes and effectively managing expectations. Since then, Taunton has continued to harness Abl’s tools to iteratively enhance student outcomes through comprehensive data analysis, targeted intervention to rectify disparities, and the implementation of strategies aimed at fostering academic rigor and equitable opportunities.


By utilizing Abl’s tools and analytics, the district was able to design schedules that better met student needs, provided more opportunities for rigorous courses, and reduced disparities. The ongoing collaboration allowed for continuous improvement and a student-centered approach, ultimately enhancing the overall educational experience and setting the stage for future success.

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Taunton Public Schools

12 Schools
7,905 Students

92.5% Graduation Rate
538 Teachers

“What this new schedule really does is provide a lot more flexibility for us at Taunton High School to provide the types of courses and the supports that students need to make them eligible for any post-secondary pursuit that they really want to pursue later in life.”

Kristen Keenan | Assistant Principal