Join the Abl community across the country and learn how different districts are approaching the transformative work of strategic scheduling.

5 Strategies to Unlock the Power of Student Centered Scheduling


This webinar uncovers practical insights on crafting student-centered school schedules that hold the promise of closing achievement gaps and ensuring equitable access for all.

During this engaging session, we delved deep into the transformative power of prioritizing teacher collaboration, fostering robust student interactions, challenging traditional practices, providing diverse pathways, and nurturing effective communication. 

While the webinar has concluded, the journey doesn’t end here. The strategies and actionable steps shared are designed to resonate far beyond the screen. You now possess the tools to unlock the full potential of your district’s scheduling process, enhancing the educational landscape for years to come.


Chief Of Staff, Abl

Amy is a dedicated advocate for transforming education models, emphasizing design thinking and student agency. She champions initiatives that empower students in their learning journey, valuing both academic achievement and social-emotional development. Amy focuses on personalized and blended learning, PBL, and innovative scheduling for school leaders. Her vision involves sustainable staff practices and student culture supported by restorative justice. She also has interests in public health, early childhood initiatives, urban planning, and social justice. Amy holds a B.S. in Foreign Policy from Georgetown University, a Cert in International Business, and an M.Ed from American University. She is an alumna of Relay GSE’s National Principal Fellowship.