Unlocking the Power of Student-Centered Scheduling

School scheduling is a fundamental aspect of providing all students with an inclusive and enriching educational experience. By prioritizing teacher collaboration, supporting robust student interactions, challenging traditional practices, offering diverse pathways, and fostering effective communication, districts can take significant strides toward creating a fair and equitable learning environment for all students. Through careful examination and thoughtful implementation of these strategies, we can ensure that our schools are places where every student has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

Boosting College and Career Readiness Through Strategic Scheduling

Watch this webinar recording to learn how master scheduling plays a transformative role in school success. Specific case studies and scheduling examples will highlight how middle and high schools across the country are strategically using the master schedule to tackle their most pressing challenges, including addressing equity and access.

Traditional versus Strategic Scheduling

In today’s fast-paced world, time management has become a crucial aspect of our lives, especially for schools, and building an efficient master schedule can make a significant difference in a school’s success. However, the traditional scheduling methods used by schools may not always be the most effective approach. This is where strategic scheduling comes in. … Read more

Maximizing Student Success: The Benefits of Strategic School Scheduling Over Traditional Scheduling

I vividly remember the moment when I had an epiphany regarding strategic scheduling. I had been a school leader for years, mastering the technical aspects of scheduling at a large comprehensive high school. I could quickly produce an efficient schedule that aligned offerings with teaching resources and was optimized to meet student demand. The vast majority of students started the school year with a full schedule and the schedule was built to maximize high school graduation requirements and to live within our allocated budget; so we always had a smooth start to the year.

How School Schedules Make Life Harder for Working Parents

Excerpt from Center for American Progress: “The world has evolved dramatically since the public school schedule first took root. When the school day first evolved, millions of children—many as young as 10 years old—worked, and most mothers stayed at home. Today, child labor for the most part is outlawed, and 75 percent of women with … Read more